Barco’s ClickShare wins KES Award

Barco’s ClickShare wins KES Award


Barco's ClickShare wins KES Innovation Award

During the latest edition of the Korea Electronics Show (KES) in October 2013, Barco’s ClickShare presentation solution was awarded the Product of the Year – Best Content award. The jury was delighted by its intuitive controls and the possibility to share a screen via wireless technology. Electronic innovations in Korea KES is the largest electronics and IT fair in Korea and showcases the latest trends and innovations. The last edition attracted around 700 companies from 20 different countries. On 7 October, the opening day of the fair, organizer Korean Electronics Association (KEA) awarded prizes to a total of 20 companies and their solutions. These awards, the 2013 KES Innovation Awards, were divided into 3 categories: Best New Product, Best Design and Best Content. The winners were selected by a jury of sector experts.

One-click wonder

ClickShare was submitted to the Innovation Awards by Barco’s Korean partner and reseller Computer & Communication. The solution received one of the much-coveted Best Content awards. The jury praised ClickShare’s ability to intuitively share content on one, single screen by simply pushing a button. ClickShare is completely wireless and allows users to share content through a USB device or user-friendly app for iPhone, iPad or Android. Furthermore, the system automatically displays the most optimal resolution, without messing up the layout. The award is a major leap forward for ClickShare in Korea. Today, many big-name corporations and organizations are starting to embrace this technology, including Electronic Newspaper, GM DAEWOO, SAMSUNG Electronics and Korea Express Way. All of them have praised ClickShare’s many benefits.