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Absen provides industry leading, commercial and retail specific LED products to help you realise successful, innovative, and eye catching retail spaces. Digitise your commercial space and create inspiring experiences. The latest generation of Absen indoor LED products, lightweight and noiseless solutions that don’t require additional ventilation. Industry leading LED display technology trusted by successful retailers worldwide.

Absen provides retail specific LED products to help you realize successful,innovative and eye catching retail spaces. Digitise your shop with Absen’s retail specific LED display solutions and let us help you create inspiring experiences that generate more business.

Product Options

Absenicon 3.0

The new Absenicon 3.0 is an all-in-one conference LED display product for meetings and presentations. This new improved version was designed to be the perfect visual solution for high-end meeting rooms, lecture halls and auditoriums in corporate, government, education and other indoor environments which require a reliable and visually stunning display for effective communication.

With a 5mm frame and shallow 28.5mm screen depth, the Absenicon 3.0 boasts a slim design and an impressive 94% screen-to-body ratio, which provides superb and virtually seamless large-format images.

With adjustable brightness levels from 0 to 350nits, the Absenicon 3.0 is perfectly adapted to open and bright spaces. Featuring a colour gamut of 110% and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, the Absenicon 3.0 is able to display detailed content with accurate and vivid colours. In addition, the 160° ultra-wide viewing angle enables attendees to benefit from enhanced meeting efficiency and productivity.

Absenicon’s all-in-one design integrates a complete control, operation and sound system, thus avoiding the need for any traditional control box and video processor. Its hidden cable design also presents a sleek and clean finish to the whole screen.

Clear Cobalt (CL) Series

Clear Cobalt Series (CL Series) is the new generation display products from Absen. The CL series supports 2K/4K/8K for higher HD display requirements and produces stunning visuals for professional control rooms, corporate lobbies, TV studios, large conference rooms, and luxury living. CL Series also incorporates flip chip technology that increases power efficiency and reduces heat generation.

Pixel pitch range of 0.9mm – 1.2mm
High brightness of up to 1200 nits
High contrast ratio of 20000:1 for superior layered visuals
COB technology, that provides protection to physical collision & environmental factors
Absen black coating and calibration technology that creates a deep black, non-reflective surface


The Absenicon is an all-in-one solution & offers a Fine Pitch LED display that is perfectly suited to conference rooms, reception areas, and auditoriums. Available in four standard sizes, there is an Absenicon that’s right for any size meeting or conference, from 20 up to 300 participants. It’s capable of supporting up to 4K/UltraHD resolution. Presentations are made effortless by simply connecting a Barco ClickShare wireless presentation system to any Absenicon screen.

Standard 16:9 aspect ratio with high fidelity point-to-point display
Perfect view with a contrast ratio of 5,000:
Superior grayscale performance, with brightness levels as low as 100nits
Multiple installation methods available
Standard Sizes: 110″, 138″, 165″ & 220″

A27 Pro Series

Create a better mini-LED project with standard 27.5″ size with HD and 4K pixel to resolution with 4 in 1 IMD integrated packaging.

4 in 1 Integrated Packaging
Improved Anti knock Against cracking
Absen Common Cathode Technology
Standard Size 27.5″ FHD / 4K Pixel to Pixel Resolution
Install Method – Flexible for Different Scenarios
A2712 Pro / A2715Pro – 600Nit
Pixel Pitch: 1.27mm / 1.58mm
Panel Material: Aluminium
Absen common cathode technology improves brightness with better heat dissipation

A27 Plus Series

Complete front installation & maintenance with seamless design for creative LED displays.

Standard 27.5″ size for matching HD and 4K pixel to resolutions
Front install and service with hanging design for modular maintenance
A2712 PLUS / A2715 PLUS / 2719 PLUS / A2725 PLUS – 600Nit / 800Nit / 1000Nit
Pixel Pitch: 1.27mm ~ 2.54mm
Colour Gamut: 110% NTSC
≤ 10 cm Wall Mount
Outstanding Image Quality
Uniformity Over Time

K Plus Series

K2.9 Plus / K2.9D Plus / K3 Plus / K3D Plus – 700Nit / 3000Nit
Pixel Pitch: 2.9mm / 3.9mm
Pixels: SMD
90 degree corner support
Ultimate flatness with precision finishing and CNC machining for a no bottom design
Lightweight design with fast installation and easy maintenance
Flexible panels combination with front and rear installation and maintenance

N Plus Series

Excellent visual performance with Fast configuration of 3/4/5 modules
Light and slim design
Smart modules, Panel working status monitoring
Front / Rearmaintenance
Magnetic modules, front & rear installation with front & rear maintenance

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