Absen Data Visualisation Displays

From command and control centers to conference rooms and broadcast studios, get lost in the detail with our ultra high definition LED Displays. Combining high resolutions with advanced LED technology, we at Absen can offer premium quality LED display products that can transform modern corporate installations and state of the art broadcast studios. Absen LED displays make it possible to deliver premium quality visual solutions for the corporate and broadcast sector.

Full HD and Ultra HD/4K friendly product portfolio
High frame rate LED displays for broadcast studio setups
Adjustable connector design for seamless cabinet connections
A3C (Absen 3rd Generation Calibration Technology)

Product Options


Multi-screen Display – Support several signal sources on one screen
C110 / C138 / C165 / C220 / E110 / E138 / E165
350Nit Brightness
Size (Inches): 110 / 138 / 165 / 220
Meeting space size (m²) 40~150
New Visual Impact
Perfect View
Absen Developed Signal Processing System
Solid Reliability
Wireless Sharing
Full-screen Size and Modular Design
Multiple Options

CR Series

16:9 HD & 4K pixel to pixel resolution
CrystalView professional image processing technology
True colors
Security and Stability
Power & Data Redundancy
Electromagnetic compatibility and protection
Heat dissipation & circuit layout
Simple Installation and Maintenance
TotalPlug wireless Technology
PreciseAlign Technology
Simple installation and maintenance

HC Series

Standard 27″ size Full HD
Front installation & maintenance
Simple and easy maintenance
CrystalView Technology
High gray scale at low brightness levels
Ultra-High refresh rate
Sharper images
Enhanced colors

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