Absen DOOH Displays

From small scale to ultra large LED Displays, Absen products are perfect for cutting edge DOOH installations, whether indoor or outdoor, next to a busy street or inside a modern airport. From small scale to ultra large LED displays, Absen products are perfect for modern DOOH installations. Absen LED displays have won multiple awards as part of state of the art digitization projects connected to the international DOOH industry.

  • Comprehensive LED product portfolio
  • More than a decade of experience with delivering successful DOOH solutions
  • Multi award winning products and projects that are defining the future of DOOH
  • Absen offer slim and fanless solutions that are easy to install and very durable
  • LED display size range from ultra small to ultra large

Product Options

Aurora Series

Boasting a 10,000-nit brightness, and with a 1280mm by 960mm standard panel size and 3 other optional sizes, the six new models of the Aurora Series are designed to create unmissable displays. Weighing only 25kg per sqm, the Aurora series follows in the footsteps of Absen’s continued product innovation. The Aurora Series is 50% thinner and lighter than its predecessors, thanks to a new engineering approach which resulted in a reduction of nearly 25% of all steel materials, reducing transportation costs and simplifying installation. Aurora is a fan-less LED display which offers a 40% reduction in power consumption compared to previous models, making it one of the company’s most energy efficient models to date to save money for the electricity bill.

AW Series

The AW Series is suitable for fixed installations and can also be applied to light boxes and smart light poles to cater for the growing trend of LED display and 5G technology integration, helping to usher in a new wave of intelligent applications.

The AW Series is available in two standard sizes: 500mm x 500mm (w x h) and 500mm x 750mm (w x h) panels. With a brightness of 5,000 nits, a refresh rate of 3,840Hz and available in two pixel pitches (2.8mm and 3.9mm), the AW Series delivers outstanding image quality and ensures excellent visibility, even at short viewing distances of 3-5 metres, making it well-suited to street advertising.

The AW Series utilises an intelligent auto-light sensor control system to detect ambient light levels to automatically adjust the screen brightness for optimal performance. Its IP65/IP54 waterproof rating and weatherability design means the AW Series can withstand heavy rain, strong winds and challenging environments between -20℃ and +50℃.

XD Plus Series

Independent waterproof module
Front and rear maintenance for ease of use
Pixel pitches at 10mm, 8mm, 6.66mm and 4.44mm
SMD pixels
Ultra high brightness
High refresh rates
High contrast
Lighter and thinner

SR Series

10,000nit and 12,000 nit level brightness available
Pixel pitches at 16mm, 10.66mm, 10mm and 6.66mm
DLP or SMD pixels
Front and rear maintenance for maximum ease of use
Independent LED dealing
Intelligent monitor and module

A98 Series

Absen Stadium Perimeter LED Display
A98 meets UEFA technical requirements
Pixel Pitch: 12.5mm / 10mm
Cabinet size:1600mm × 900mm x 145mm
Fast maintenance
160° view angle
High refresh rate
High contrast ratio
High gray scale

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