Absen Rental & Staging Displays

Absen combines years of rental experience with a visionary R&D road map and proven quality. Whether indoor or outdoor, Absen offers a truly comprehensive product portfolio to rental professionals. Advanced indoor and outdoor LED products, offering proven quality and cost effectiveness to the international rental market. Indoor or Outdoor, we can offer you solutions built to deliver superior image quality. We are passionate about LED technology and work hard to turn our customer’s feedback into a living reality.

Comprehensive product portfolio
Great pixel pitch range
All Weather Rental and Staging products
Innovative and durable locking solutions
Modules that are easy to assemble

Product Options

AX Series

IMD integrated matrix device – 4 in 1 pixel integration
Flexible installation supports curve connections +2.5 concave
Absen common cathode technology improves brightness with better heat dissipation
High brightness high contrast with perfect performance
Pixel to pixel 4K and HD resolutions
Flexible installation
Auto lock and Auto eject systems

PL Series

Ultra black technology
High brightness and contrast
Colour uniformity
High resolution

Viable indoor & outdoor solution
Higher Utilisation
Support More Applications
Better ROI( return on investment)

Panel weight only 14Kg
More than 10% Lighter than regular products

Quick service and installation

AT Series

With its lightweight panel, Smarti frame and transport dolly system, the AT series provides an ideal solution for touring applications
The AT series is easy to install and can quickly build flat, concave or convex screens
The magnesium-aluminum alloy panel is lightweight and specially designed for touring scenes, two different sizes of panels can be spliced to each other
Provide various frame structure options – No need for wind bracing, and the wind resistance level can satisfy the needs of outdoor use

PL Lite Series

Innovative side lock design, there is no need of any additional tools to quickly adjust from flat screen to a curved one.
Absen proprietary locking system, more solid, more accurate.
Front & Rear Module Maintenance
Edge Protection
Quick Swappable Power Box
Higher Image Quality
New Cabinet Frame
Waterproof Design
Easy to Install
Platform Design
Hanging Bar & Stacking System

DW Series

20%+ lighter than normal products
Convenient to operate, move and install
The curve version (can be adjusted between -5° and +10°) and 90° splicing version are provided to help customers easily realize their unlimited creativity.
Advanced Locking system with safety mechanism enables one-man installation
Avoid direct contact with the ground, strengthen product protection
The fast maintenance of modules and power boxes benefits from modular design

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