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Arthur Holm products display the best image quality and their unique designs have unmatched functionalities. More than 40 years of craftsmanship and a continuous product investigation, development and innovation are our business foundations. Numbers speak for themselves! We currently own 27 product patents, operate in over 45 countries worldwide and our products and solutions have been chosen for more than 20,000 installations.

Arthur Holm is the result of combining the Scandinavian design tradition with the Mediterranean creativity, passion and flexibility. The brand has its origins in the Danish furniture designer Jorgen Alex Jensen, who was active in the sixties and seventies. His inspiration in design and ergonomics has been continued by his family, the design force behind the product range of Arthur Holm.

Product Options

Motorised Adjustable Monitors

Dynamic3 are built entirely of aluminium with black edged anti-glare glass, the Dynamic3 monitors possess a discreet and timeless Scandinavian design. The anodised finish provides a soft, silky effect. The housing is extremely resilient and also serves to dissipate heat. The screen is protected by a high quality glass that reduces the mirror effect. It allows natural transparent colours and can work as a touch surface as well. The Dynamic3 range provides an excellent contrast and unsurpassed viewing angles.

Dynamic2 monitors offer a timeless, classic and discreet design with squared edges. Dynamic2 models are elegant monitors built from a solid anodised aluminium block and have an extremely swift yet silent lift system. They have a vertical motorised movement with an automatic 20° tilting movement to ensure the best ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle. This automatic tilt system provides a fast, silent and robust response, offering a highly reliable and maintenance-free solution.

Dynamic1H motorised foldable monitor provides a horizontal motorised movement. The screen is always visible, it raises and leans and can be stopped at any position between 0 and 70°. A smart memory system enables both set up and recall of the desired tilting position. Built entirely of aluminium and with a black edged anti-reflection glass, Dynamic1H monitors are extremely elegant, discreet and timeless. The anodised finish provides a soft, silky effect. It is extremely resilient and serves to dissipate heat.

DynamicChairDisplay is a retractable motorised monitor to be integrated in chair armrests. The monitor is only visible when it is in use and it is safely stored in the armrest when not needed.

DynamicReceptionMonitor is a motorised adjustable reception monitor for a perfect fit. Quick motorised adjustment to match each individual needs when working to create a correct and preferable work environment at the front desk.

Manually Adjustable Monitors

AH3 is a Full HD low profile monitor. It is manually inclinable and can be integrated in any desk surface. AH3 displays are always visible and the working position can be manually adjusted from 0 to 25°. This manual monitor is stylishly built in solid, milled aluminium with anodised finish and anti-reflection black edged glass that can be touchscreen (optional). With a simple installation and concealed cabling underneath the desk surface, the AH3 is a stylish solution for any user. AH3 manual monitor is available in 17,3″.

AH2 is a manually foldable monitor. The working position is adjustable from 110º to a complete folded position on the table with the screen facing down. AH2 has been designed for an easy installation on standard furniture with a compact and stylish elegance. The AH2 manual monitor is entirely built in solid, milled aluminium with anodised finish, including an anti-reflection black edged glass that can be also a touch screen (optional). AH2 manual monitor is available in 17″ and 22″.

Gooseneck monitors have been designed to be installed on counters or desks. These monitors have a brushed stainless steel support base assembled to the table. These elegant screens designed for fixed installation on tables are made from milled aluminium with a stylish, protective glass panel. The cables are neatly concealed inside the support and under the table to reach the connection point. Gooseneck monitors are available in 22″.

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Table Top Monitors

AH1 is a manually foldable aluminium monitor for desktops with anodised finish and a dark cast iron base. It includes an anti-glare protection glass with a stylish black frame. Tired of monitors that become too intrusive? AH1 desktop monitor is the ideal solution for auditoriums, telepresence, meeting and conference rooms and information counters. With a height that can be easily adjusted, they do not require structural changes on the table surface and can be optionally interactive. AH1 is available in 12″, 17” and 22″ sizes.

Retractable microphones

The DynamicTalk system conceals the microphone elegantly within the desk surface (also providing an interior light to indicate status). Microphones are stored safely, improving flexibility of meeting and conference spaces, as tables can be used for different purposes. A LED light ring in the microphone base indicates a raised position. The cover plate is made of brushed stainless steel, but it can also be veneered to match the table surface perfectly.

DynamicTalkH is a horizontal lift for gooseneck microphones. The system has been especially developed to optimise the space below the table. It ensures comfort and space enough for legs. Silent, remotely controllable and elegant, DynamicTalk H is reliable and simple to install. Veneering is also available to match surface finish of the table. This system allows the microphone to be bended while returning automatically to its original horizontal position.

DynamicTalkB microphone lift is designed to hide boundary microphones when not in use with a smooth, elegant and silent movement. The microphone lift is capable of providing commands for automatic mute of the microphone (depending on the model and maker of the microphone) when moving and in storage position. The microphone lift is powered using PoE making it easy and compact to install and control. The housing is made out of steel and the upper cover plate is made in stainless steel.

MicConnect & Dynamic Speaker

Arthur Holm’s MicConnect is a static surface mount for XLR microphones with integrated shock mount, push to talk button and microphone status LED. The microphone is very easy to connect and disconnect. A special tool (included with the product) is necessary to remove the microphone. When there is no microphone connected the XLR connector is covered by a lid integrated in the system. MicConnect is made of stainless steel and standard and customised finishes are available.

The DynamicSpeaker is a compact, omnidirectional 360 degrees active speaker has a twin 36W Class-D integrated amplifiers and a two-way coaxial transducer that brings the audio to the dedicated area with its acoustic diffuser through its integrated DSP technology, the system can be controlled using the AHnet and its wireless AHlink App for control and set-up.

Lift for tablets

DynamicTabLift is a motorised lift system for Apple iPad, enabling the iPad to be used as a screen, discreetly concealed when not in use. The lift system is equipped with both vertical and horizontal motorised options to offer the perfect viewing angle (tilting the monitor up to a maximum of 20°). An advanced fixing mechanism ensures a steady position of the iPad even when the touch screen is in use.

Video Conference Cameras

DynamicVision is an integrated motorised wall mount for video conference cameras. The camera is activated via RS-422, infrared or contact closer interface when needed. It is neatly stored away when not required, both protecting the camera and securing the work environment. The front enclosure moves vertically to display the camera while moving the camera forward simultaneously. DynamicVision is the perfect solution for systems integrators, architects, interior designers and space planners. The pre-installation frame is the perfect solution for coordination between system integrators and architects or constructors. DynamicVision can be delivered separately to be easily installed on the wall with detailed instructions for cabling and connections.


DynamicShare is a smart solution that allows meeting room participants to share different video sources among each other with an optimal video quality (zero frame latency) and it doesn’t require a specific training, technical knowledge or assistance. It is a software free share system that provides quick and seamless connectivity with a high level of security. The meeting or conference table can stand alone, without the inconvenience of either messy cabling or having to integrate external devices.

The DynamicShare also optimises the cabling and installation in a conference or meeting room, auditorium, courtroom or any type of facility where there is a need to share information from different sources. It is available in 2 versions: DynamicShare standard and DynamicShare standalone. DynamicShare standard is integrated in the monitors, providing up to 3 HDMI inputs and one output. It allows the HDMI signal to be shared on up to 20 monitors in Full HD resolution. The control protocols for the monitors movements are also embedded into the HDMI signal, with a maximum distance of 5 metres between monitors. An extender is available if distances are longer. The cover plate of the monitors allows the user to switch between the 3 inputs, select one and view or share it with the rest of monitors connected in a loop topology.

ERT Interface for Control

The ERT interface provides an easy and convenient system to control and diagnose motorised monitors, microphone lifts and other automated solutions by Arthur Holm. The ERT integrates 2 AHnet ports (RS-422) to control up to 60 motorised units (ERT-30 with 1 AHnet port to control up to 30 units) with a USB service port interface for firmware upgrade. The One Touch Addressing System (OTAS) makes the addressing of Arthur Holm motorised products to be straightforward. The first unit to be activated on the cover plate of the monitor after installation will have address No. 1, the next one will have address No. 2 and so on. OTAS is available on the majority of Arthur Holm motorised products.

The ERT interface helps to reduce the installation costs in terms of both equipments and time. It is easy to install and set-up. It enables a quicker installation and eliminates the need of external relay boxes and extra power outlets. It is also possible to have Arthur Holm’s virtual support on site as long as there is an Internet connection available. AHlink wireless control is also integrated in the ERT interface, giving an easy and direct access to the most common settings through an app and making the start-up and future interventions hassle free. This means there is no need to access physically the unit to set-up or diagnose its installation.

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