AVProEdge Speciality Matrix Switchers

AVPro Edge has a wide range of HDMI & HDBaseT Matrix Switchers. It’s a given, A/V integrator need to use a switch of some kind to manage a verity of sources and displays. AVPro Edge specialises in 18Gbps signals with HDR, and our matrices are no different. Switching time increases on “scaling” matrices due to the additional processing time for Sources/Displays and the matrix itself. If using a blended system (1080p/4K) you will likely want to select a switch with scalers. If doing an all 4K system, select one without for faster switching.

Cloud 9: High Definition Loop Mass Media Matrix


AVProEdge Presents a stable alternative to HDMI over IP with Cloud 9. The AC-MX9XHDL-HDBT is a unique piece of technology that allows you to take 9 inputs and distribute them to almost limitless outputs by adding or stacking additional units. Get all of the stuff you love from AV over IP and more with none of the headaches. Features include matrixing Quad-View, 9-Source Multiview, Actual Instant Matrix Switching (AIMS), IR & RS232 control of the displays, and more.

Utilizing uncompressed HDBaseT Technology, this system will truly shine and give you actual lossless images on screen and perform more reliably, making it ideal for low-no maintenance setups. No network switch is required, making this solution a very quick and efficient installation option in larger AV systems. In addition, you will have access to dual, front panel, color screens to further simplify the setup process. One screen is for Source Preview and the other is used for Settings.

Key Features:

AIMS: “Actual Instant Matrix Switching” allows the Cloud 9 to instantly display any of the sources on any display with no delay from button push to switch. Additionally, AIMS allows you to switch in and out of multiview mode instantly.

MATRIXABLE QUAD-VIEW: This function allows you to utilize a larger display or projector to show either one source at a time or 4 sources at a time. In this mode you can matrix each quadrant individually or display one source full screen…all instantly.

9-SOURCE MULTIVIEW: View all 9 sources on any display, ideal for large projectors, confidence monitors and eye catching dynamic video walls.

VIDEO WALL: When you pair the Cloud 9 with the AC-EX150VW-C9R you can make custom video walls. 3×3, 2×2 or your own layout of up to 9 displays. Comes with video wall-set up software where you can set display placement, bezel compensation and more.

IR & RS-232 MATRIX & DISPLAY CONTROL: Not only can you control the matrix itself with these protocols, you have the ability to control the displays/projectors for things like power on/off without running extra wires. This often overlooked feature is fully implemented in the Cloud 9.

CASCADE: Increase the size of you matrix to limitless proportions by simply adding additional units. They only take up 1U rack space and each unit adds 9 more outputs to your system.

FPGA BACKBONE: We get asked all the time how is this possible with traditional HDMI distribution methods, and the answer is simple. While it feels simple to the installer, tons of things are happening at once behind the scenes. The signal is managed by our FPGA Modules which make for very robust mission critical installations. Our FPGA Engineers are among the best in the world and the Cloud 9 reflects this.

ISOLATED POE: Isolated PoE allows this unit to function reliably by isolating high voltage away from sensitive components


The AC-MXMV122-UHD Video Flux features 16 available (12 at a time) input options including composite, component, VGA, and HDMI. It also has the ability to do 4K Quad View or completely customize-able Multi-view configurations. The possibilities are endless. This is the ideal solution for high end home installations as well as being the ultimate presentation switch for classrooms, board rooms and training environments.

The Video Flux supports three main modes of operation:
1. 4K UHD Quad Video Processor
2. Full HD Multi-View Video Processor
3. Seamless 4:2 Matrix Switcher

The Video Flux is an advanced HD/UHD Multi-format Matrix Viewer, designed for handling and control of multiple video signals from 480i to 1920 x 1200 WUXGA HD video sources including 1080P and to be displayed in full–screen, dual-view, tri-view and quad-view on a HD or 4K UHD display. Most common analogue, digital video and audio inputs are supported as signal sources including AV (composite video), YPbPr (component), VGA and HDMI.

The Video Flux’s powerful graphic engine enables the three modes of operation to allow multiple combinations of use.

Key Features:

Seamless Matrix: As a multi-format seamless matrix the product will switch seamlessly between any of the 4 input groups with each group having a preset input. The Video Flux is fitted with two HDMI output ports for showing the Multi-View image on two independently controllable HD/UHD channels simultaneously.

Multi-Format Presentation Matrix: Switching between any of the non preset inputs will not be seamless and the Multi-format Matrix Viewer will be a 12 x 2 multi-format presentation matrix switcher.

4K Multi-View: With the Video Flux in 4K UHD Quad mode, the HDMI output will include 4 full HD signals that will be visible at the 4K display and each of the four full HD signals is presented pixel for pixel on the 4K UHD display without any down scaling or degradation.

Create: Virtually any combination/layout can be created. This is a powerful Video Graphics Processor in a 1U Rack-mount chassis, with low power consumption of less than 20W. Each Multi-View window parameter is completely customize-able including layer priority, window positions, window size, background transparency, border color and border pixel width. Using Multi-View, POP, transparency, custom boarders you can have any layout you can dream up. Any quadrant can be any size and position, you can layer anyway you would like. These preset configurations can be accessed later at the touch of a button!

Cascade: For more advanced applications the unit can be easily cascaded and its control daisy-chained to create large and easy to control seamless switching or Multi-View system environments of almost any size.


The ConferX 8×4 Matrix Switcher is the ideal solution for any conference room, classroom or huddle space. This 4K switcher can display any of the eight sources through both the HDBaseT and HDMI output ports. All four of the outputs are completely independent of each other allowing the user to show four sources at the same time. With additional audio inputs and outputs, working with a microphone or intercom system will not be a problem. When you need a stable solution for video distribution, look to the entire line of ConferX products.

With two HDBaseT inputs this switch works alongside two directly connected ConferX Wall Plate Transmitters. You can have Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA or USB-C inputs located up to 100 meters away from the AC-CX84-AUHD. With the Quick Switch feature, these remote sources still switch at the same time as a local HDMI source, keeping your system running smoothly. This allows a teacher or presenter to use their laptop directly at the podium or presenters’ station without having to connect anything to the matrix switcher. The AC-CX84-AUHD gives any end user a simplified experience for sharing their ideas inside a classroom, conference room or huddle space.

Key Features:

Ultra High Definition: This unit supports 4K60 (4:4:4) 18Gbps signaling for today’s modern office. As displays get larger and new PCs default to 4K resolutions, it’s imperative that your video distribution products are built to handle these high resolutions.

Distance: By using any ConferX 100 meter wall plate transmitter or the AVPro Edge RNE receiver, the transmission distance for HD 1080P is 100 meters (330ft) & 4K is up to 70 meters (230ft) into the matrix! Additionally, go 100M on 1080P, 70M on 4K from the HDBaseT output to a display.

Mirrored Mode: This allows users to mirror the images of output 1 and 2, then separately mirror outputs 2 and 3. This allows you to have the same source being played through the HDMI and HDBaseT ports that are side by side. This turns your 8×4 into an 8×2 with mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT outputs.

Quick Switch: Quick Switch is a new process of switching video sources that allows for faster switching. With Quick Switch you can change sources on screen quickly, for a 4k30 signal you can switch under 3 seconds, for a 1080p signals you can switch under 2 seconds!

Control: Simple front panel control, a web-based GUI, IR and RS232 control is available.

Power: The ConferX 8×4 is capable of powering both the HDBaseT transmitters as well as the HDBaseT receiver. This eliminates unnecessary power supplies and cleans up the look of your installation.

Interoperability: Because this matrix switcher has an HDBaseT input and output, it is able to work alongside any standard HDBaseT equipment. Most importantly it can work with any of the HDBaseT transmitters or receivers from AVPro Edge & ConferX.

HDBaseT Input:
AC-CXWP-HDMO-T (allows for an HDMI input. 100meters 1080p, or 70meters 4k)
AC-CXWP-MDP-T (allows for switchable Mini DisplayPort and HDMI inputs. 100 meters 1080p, or 70 meters 4k)
AC-CXWP-VGA-T (allows for switchable VGA and HDMI inputs. 100 meters 1080p, or 70 meters 4k)​

HDBaseT Output:
AC-CX100-RAMP (100 meters 1080p, 70 meters 4K@18Gbps)
AC-EX70-444-RNE (100 meters 1080p, 70 meters 4k@18Gbps)
AC-EX100-UHD-R3 (100 meters 1080p, 70 meters 4k@10.2Gbps)
AC-EX70-SC2-R (100 meters 1080p, 70 meters 4K@18Gbps)

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