AVPro Edge has a wide range of HDMI, Fiber optic & Audio extenders.

It’s a given, A/V Integrators need to run audio/video signals over HDMI, but most HDMI cables max out at around 15 feet when trying to pass a full 18Gbps signal. In order to deliver HDMI signal to a greater length, you are able to use Extenders, these work by using HDBaseT technology to convert the HDMI to a signal that can run on standard Ethernet cabling. Once the signal is on category cable you can “extend” the video signal up to 100 meters at a time. This same solution is available with audio, and extending audio utilising category cable.

Product Options


This USB extender kit comes with two parts, a transmitter unit, and a receiver unit. When you connect these two ends with any standard category cable, you can transfer USB signals with almost zero latency from end to end.

Key benefits:
Extend USB Signals: The USB 2.0 Specification only allows for signals to travel 16ft 5inches and remain stable. With this solution, you bump that up to 328 feet!

Use Category Cable that is already installed: Today’s data rates are larger than ever, many times calling for more expensive cables. With AVPro Edge’s USB 2.0 Extender you can still use Cat 5e, a cable found throughout most construction builds since the early 2000s.

Built-in USB Hub: Extend four signals at once with the built-in USB hub, meaning you can have 2 mics, 2 cameras. Or you could have a keyboard, mouse, camera and a mic all connected at the same time.

Power over Ethernet: You only need to power one end of this signal extension set, with Power over Ethernet (POE) the power travels over the same category cable, alongside your data.

Optimized for Teams and Zoom: Many USB connections are not able to handle the high data rate that comes from steaming and conferencing audio and video files at the same time, needing to be delivered in sync. Our engineers built this solution to reliably deliver any resolution, timing and audio type that is allowed in the USB 2.0 specification, including 4K.


The AC-AEX-KIT is a professional audio extender from AVPro Edge, allowing integrators to deliver uncompressed, stereo signals over 100 Meters from the source. Analog or Digital sources can be selected using the Input Dipswitch, while AVPro’s “Dual-Play” function will simultaneously play the audio signal on both the analog and digital outputs. This extender works with any compatible RJ45 connection that has CAT5e or greater cable and features POC. Meaning only one side needs to be powered to deliver power to both units.

Key Features:
Engineered to deliver uncompressed audio 100 meters
Ideal for bringing SmartTV audio to a distributed system
SmartTV audio support from apps like Netflix, Spotify & Disney+
L/R & Optical digital audio S/PDIF Signal Support
Supports stereo and multi-channel digital audio (LPCM 2 CH through Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 CH)

AC-EX40-444 Kit / AC-EX70-444 Kit / AC-EX100-444-GEN2

5-Play (Audio, Video, Control, Power, Ethernet) is only the start with this point to point HDMI extender KIT. Along with the ability to distribute flawless 18Gbps 4K, including every type of HDR or Dolby Vision, you have ARC and USB extension. Need to deliver the highest quality of the picture, USB signals and go the Distance? This is your extender. This HDBaseT Extension product utilizes an ICT technology allowing you to distribute the largest bandwidths being output today: 18Gbps 4K60 (4:4:4) with HDR or Dolby Vision up to 100 meters.

Supporting Products:
Power Squid: Power up to 8 Extenders with only one power supply.
Extender Rack Mount: Clean up and organize your rack with this mount made specifically for the AC-EX70-444 extenders.

AC-EX70-UHD Kits

This is Ultra Slim HDMI Extender kit and is rated for up to 70 Meters in distance, 4K and HDR compatible In most situations this is the extender that will work for you. Its basic slim design allows you to hide it anywhere without anyone knowing it’s there. When you purchase AC-EX70-UHD you get both an HDBaseT Transmitter and Receiver. The receiver can be bought separately as AC-EX70-UHD-R; this can be used with the AC-DA210-UHD & the AC-MX9XHDL-HDBT.

Supporting Products:
Power Squid: Power up to 8 Extenders with only one power supply.
Extender Rack Mount: Clean up and organize your rack with this mount made specifically for the AC-EX70-UHD extenders.


This is an HDMI extender over fiber optic cable. It allows for the ultra-long-distance extension of HDMI signals (1.25 miles or more). All HDMI 2.0 a/b signals are supported as the bandwidth is beyond 18Gbps. This is AVPro Edge’s flagship Fiber Optic Extender, allowing the user to extend an HDMI signal 2 kilometres via single-mode fibre, and up to 300 meters using multi-mode fiber. You can go even further by installing your own SFP port. It solves problems for both commercial and residential markets for distributing high value 4K 18Gbps content from rack to display. These extenders go the distance, no need to find power and cascade extenders for ultra-long runs. Additionally, AC-EXO-444 offers solutions for 18Gbps distribution in residential, digital entertainment centres, retail stores, AV events that require reliable and long distance distribution, suitable for Data Center, Control Rooms, Conference Rooms, Schools and Corporate Training environment.

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