Immersive experiences with Barco's curved UniSee wall

Kortrijk, Belgium, 10 May 2019 – Barco, a world leader in large video walls, has worked together with display mount specialist Vogel’s to create a curved mounting structure for UniSee. This makes it possible to set up and service the revolutionary bezel-less LCD video wall in a curved way, and still keep all benefits offered by the UniSee Mount – including perfect alignment, easy servicing, and no risk of damaging the panels. The new curved structure further expands the UniSee mounting options and opens up a lot of new opportunities in a wide variety of applications, including lobbies, control rooms, experience centers, broadcast studios and simulation & training centers.

Curved video walls create a spectacular sense of immersion. Especially for larger installations, straight setups are not easy to watch in full – resulting in sub-optimal ergonomics.

Considering the difficulties during installation, it is obvious that servicing is even more challenging. Removing a single, central panel is often impossible, making it necessary to remove all the screens to service the video wall. This causes a very long service time (up to several days). The jointly developed curved mount with Vogel’s for Barco UniSee takes away these challenges. In this way, we can still ensure all the unique installation and servicing benefits Barco UniSee is known for in the market, regardless of the wall curvature.

Seamless installation and easy servicing

The new Vogel’s mount for Barco UniSee allows a concave curved setup from 0-10 degrees, in steps of 1 degree. It features all the main strengths of Barco UniSee, including the optimal automatic alignment in all directions (X, Y and Z). The risk of screen damages during installations is significantly reduced and servicing has become fast and risk-free, thanks to the innovative sliding of the panels.

The complete solution is based on a solid back structure offered by Vogel’s in combination with curved crosses and special corner pieces that are part of the UniSee Curved accessory kit. This solution is available in landscape and portrait modes, as a floor-to-wall mounting structure.

Ready to immerse audiences

“The curved mounting structure again lifts the Barco UniSee viewing experience to a new level,” says Pietro Capretta, Product Manager at Barco. “Completely following the Barco UniSee-philosophy, this mounting structure not only enables a curved installation, but also makes curving a wall a lot easier, faster and safer! This level of innovation is only possible when combining the strengths of the two market leaders in their fields.”

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