Audio Conferencing Products

The ClearOne Advantage

Clear, intelligible audio elevates the user experience in any workspace—from cubicles and huddle spaces to executive offices, boardrooms, and auditoriums. When you choose ClearOne, you get the highest-quality audio and visual solutions and a team committed to your success.

Professional Audio DSP's

Converge Pro2

Experience the industry’s most advanced professional-voice DSP platform for conferencing, sound reinforcement and audio distribution. A full lineup of DSP Mixers, Expanders, Controllers, and management software that excels in any room, and in any audio environment.

Feature Sets

Best-in-class audio – Next-gen Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Cancellation processing with Acoustic Intelligence, advanced microphone gating, built-in DARE™ feedback elimination.

Most powerful – Powerful architecture with smaller footprint – 12 Mic/line inputs per unit, built-in USB audio interface, built-in optional Dante™ for networked audio.

Scalable design – Daisy-chainable design to support up to 144 Mic/line inputs, C-Link expansion bus with 64 channels and P-Link bus for scalable connection of peripheral devices.

Any application – Supports video conferencing, audio and web conferencing, Microsoft Teams, Skype® for Business meetings, in-room meetings, wireless presentation, and more.

Flexible control – Control your local meeting rooms and audio distribution applications at your fingertips with flexible options – touch panel controller, BYOD dialer apps or 3rd-party control modules.

Central management – Configure, manage, monitor and troubleshoot the entire system of auto-discovered devices with MatrixView™ and FlowView™ for visualized audio signal paths.


Beamforming Microphone Arrays

Professional-grade beamforming arrays with state-of-the-art technology for uncompromised audio quality and aesthetics.

Acoustic Intelligence – Built-in beamforming, AEC, and smart beam selection.
Ultra-Sleek and Flexible – Available in two form factors: Ceiling tile – to blend in perfectly with today’s drop ceilings or Module – for wall, table, or ceiling projector mount
Unsurpassed Coverage – Replaces 9 to 12 traditional microphones
Optimized Design – Zero consumption of analog I/O and signal processing in the DSP mixer leaving those resources available for other needs.
Scalable – Use P-Link to daisy chain microphone arrays and additional peripherals such as wireless mics, USB Expanders, and GPIO Expanders.
Easy Configuration & Management – Use Pro CONSOLE® software to auto-discover, configure, and program all connected microphone arrays and P-Link peripherals.

Ceiling Microphone Arrays

The richest sounding tri-element ceiling microphone arrays in the industry.

Interference Protection – RF hardened and 100% shielded for immunity from interference.
Superior Audio Performance – Full 360-degree coverage, three unidirectional elements, wide bandwidth and high SNR reduce reverberation and noise. Design minimizes noise pickup from ceiling sources.
Designs for any Application – Diverse line-up of models enhances any conferencing, sound reinforcement or audio distribution application, analog, digital and Dante.
Compatibility – Works with ClearOne and other 3rd party DSP mixers. Multiple ceiling microphone arrays can be connected to cover large room spaces.
Easy Setup – Standard CAT5 Ethernet cable runs back to the mixer, designed for quick installation into drop ceiling tiles.
Minimal Visibility – Sleek unobtrusive design, white or black color options, frees table area while maintaining speech quality and intelligibility.

Wireless Microphones

These digital wireless microphone systems offer versatility, scalability, and affordability with superior audio quality for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications. The industry’s best processing and security with easy-to-use setup. The perfect complement to ClearOne’s professionally-installed audio DSP mixers.

Flexible & Scalable – Digital wireless microphone system with different RF ranges, using from 2 to 32 channels, to serve multiple rooms.
Modular & Secured – Field-replaceable components – Receiver, Transmitters, Mic-heads, and Batteries. AES encryption for highly secured wireless audio.
Optimized for DSP – Optimized for ClearOne DSP mixers. Also work with any third-party mixers. WS800 works with Dante products. DIALOG 20 natively connects with CONVERGE Pro 2.
One-stop shop for Mics – ClearOne offers all types of microphones: Beamforming Mic Array, Ceiling Microphone Array, Wireless microphones, or Wired tabletop microphones.

Other Microphones

High-quality mics provide coverage for any environment, with solutions ranging from traditional wired mics to the first-generation Beamforming Mic Array and Ceiling Mic Array.

Button Mics – A discreet tabletop microphone with excellent pick-up range. Compact and appealing, these button microphones are ideal for custom applications where the microphones are permanently built into the table or panel. They provide outstanding pickup range in either an omni- or uni-directional version.
Delta Mics – Accentuates teleconferencing applications that demand high-quality audio. The Delta Microphone features three wide-range boundary microphones mounted together into a single base, providing the rich sound of three individual unidirectional microphones while maintaining full 360˚ coverage.
TableTop Mics – This Tabletop Microphone is perfect for teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality. The low profile and small size makes this mic ideal for conference tables that require minimum-visibility microphones.

Professional Amplfiers

PA460 Amplifier

A powerful and compact high-efficiency Class-D audio power amplifier. CONVERGE PA 460 is optimized to work with ClearOne’s DSP mixers, and it also works with any third-party mixer.

4 channels x 60 Watts in normal mode.
2 channels by 120 Watts in bridged mode.
4/8 Ω speaker output.
70V/100V constant voltage output.
Efficient power consumption with auto-standby mode.
Compact, half-rack sized form factor.
Software-free plug-and-play for easy installation.
Change capitalization of the words Bridged and Mode: 2 x 10W output in bridged mode.


Group Speakerphones

Flexible USB speakerphones, powered by ClearOne’s HDConference™ audio, provide unmatched audio clarity and enhance the conferencing experience. Daisy-chain these speakerphones for exceptional audio coverage and distributed mute and volume controls. These speakerphones provide unmatched audio clarity and simple connection to multiple devices in executive offices, huddle spaces, and conference rooms.

HDConference® Audio – Distributed Echo Cancellation and noise cancellation along with full-duplex performance and automatic level controls for natural conversation.
First-mic priority – First-mic priority activates only the microphone closest to the speaker, preventing the amplification of ambient noise and room reflections.
360-Degree Coverage – Provides three built-in microphones with 360-degree audio pick-up. and a large loudspeaker for rich, clear conferencing and audio playback.
Expandable Design – Daisy-chain able design lets you attach up to four phones units to cover medium size rooms.
PC-Based Conferencing – Ideal for conferencing applications such as Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, Skype® for Business, Collaborate Space, Spontania, WebEx, and more.
Enterprise Telephones – Breakout box connection for simple bridging between PC applications and enterprise telephones (Cisco and Avaya).

Personal Speakerphones

Speakerphones with market-leading HDConference® audio technology provide crystal-clear conferencing sound for collaboration from a desktop, on the go, or in small or home offices.

HDConference® Audio – Distributed Echo Cancellation and noise cancellation along with full-duplex performance and automatic level controls for natural conversation.
PC-Based Conferencing – Ideal for conferencing applications such as Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, Skype® for Business, Collaborate Space, Spontania, WebEx, and more.
Intuitive Call Controls – CHAT 60-U and 70-U feature push-button controls for speaker volume, mute, and call answer/hang-up during Skype® and Skype® for business calls.
Multi-Device Compatibility – CHAT 50 is compatible with your PC, mobile phones, and enterprise telephones, for crystal-clear audio using your preferred device.
Complete Portability – Powered through USB, CHAT 50 is a plug-and-play, compact device perfect for use at a desktop, home office, executive office, huddle space, or when travelling.
120-Degree Pickup – Sensitive microphone provides 120-degree audio pickup up to 8 feet away. Large loudspeaker for rich, clear conferencing and audio playback.