The Benefits of ClickShare

As a user you don’t want to be working with outdated technology that spends more time out of action than helping you achieve your objectives. Malfunctioning equipment, frayed wires and software requiring updates all combine to bring productivity to a standstill when all you want to do is walk into a meeting room, sit down and get to work on your next project.

ClickShare enables you to do just that. Working straight out of the box each ClickShare system connects wirelessly to a central meeting room display with a ClickShare Button or App. Get down to business, whether it’s starting a remote meeting with a client or collaborating on a new project with the wider team. Simply walk into the huddle room, meeting room or boardroom with your chosen device, connect to ClickShare using the ClickShare Button to start sharing content on your meeting room screen and you can get to it.

There’s no need to call IT to find a specific cable or to explain why the system is out of action, and minimal training is required to use it, you simply plug and play.

A completely wireless solution

For some users there is nothing worse than having cables all over the desk. Not only do they get in the way of your mouse or notepad, they can also look very untidy – especially in a meeting room where you’re trying to impress clients.

ClickShare is a completely wireless system that connects through either a ClickShare Button plugged into the USB port on your laptop or desktop, or the ClickShare Collaboration App for pc and mobile devices. Whichever form of connection you prefer there are no cables to worry about meaning you can bring your own meeting (BYOM) and bring your own device (BYOD) without having to find a plug socket or a desk with enough room for all your cables.

The systems also boasts a range of interactive features including touch back support, annotation and blackboarding capabilities. Both features are compatible with touchscreen devices including tablets and touchscreen laptops and enable active users to make notes on the collaborative slides or even to move through the presentation without the need for a mouse, keyboard or clicker.

It also means you don’t have to contact and wait for IT to locate a specific cable to help you connect to the meeting room screen. Simply connect your device to the system and you’ll be able to use the ClickShare wireless presentation system to share content on the screen or use ClickShare Conference in moments.

Catering for changing work patterns, BYOD and BYOM

The workplace is changing and so are the ways in which we work. You don’t have to spend your whole working day at your desk seemingly tied to an ancient, standardized desktop PC brought in by the IT department years ago. Instead you can work on your preferred device like a Windows or Apple laptop and work more flexible hours from various locations.

Family commitments and personal appointments are both catered for as part of flexible working hours and companies are increasingly meeting the needs of their employees by permitting remote working and even remote meetings. Systems like ClickShare are at the heart of this evolution in working practice with users able to hold smoother, more efficient and – most importantly – more effective meetings from any device in any location with the help of this sleek, innovative system.

The ways in which meetings are conducted are changing with remote meetings becoming more prominent. People might be working in an alternative office, from home or might prefer the more relaxed surroundings of holding meetings in a nearby coffee shop. ClickShare helps to make each of these not just a possibility, but a reality.

If you prefer meeting in more relaxed environments like a huddle room then ClickShare helps to facilitate this. But also in a boardroom ClickShare wireless conferencing systems can be used and connected to your existing AV USB-peripherals like soundbars and speakerphones for a hassle-free, cable-free and more relaxed feel to your meeting.

“77% say that in the next 3 years, a typical meeting will feature video as standard to improve collaboration” – Future of Meetings research, ClickShare, 2019

Minimal training required

Taking time out of your working day for training can cause workloads to mount up, and often results in rescheduled meetings to enable the compulsory training sessions to take place. In some instances, extensive training is required to learn how to use new suites of tools but ClickShare is an exception.

Once installed in the meeting room by the IT department you can get to grips with ClickShare by the end of your first meeting or presentation. Simply plug and play with the ClickShare Button connected to your laptop or desktop PC or download the Collaboration App onto your tablet or mobile device and you will be able to participate in an intuitive, fluid meeting or presentation.

94% says ClickShare is simple and intuitive to use

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