ClickShare Wireless Collaboration

The easiest way to share big ideas and watch them grow. When you plug into simplicity, you make it easier than ever to bring people, content, and ideas together. With ClickShare you can share what’s on your laptop or mobile device, on a presentation screen, transforming a meeting into a complete sharing experience with a single click. No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in. Meetings keep their flow and you keep your cool. When you plug in a ClickShare Button, there’s no software to download and install. You simply accept an executable file that anybody can run, and you’re ready to go.

ClickShare Present Range Models


ClickShare C-10 adds interactive features to full BYOD, easy wireless presentation in any medium to large meeting room. With ClickShare C-10, you can start a meeting and get your content on-screen within seconds, no matter the device you are using. Plug & Play with the ClickShare Button, (Pc or Mac)  or utilise the ClickShare App on laptop, mobile or tablet. Enable full BYOD on a 4K canvas with screen mirroring with Airplay, GoogleCast and Miracast.


ClickShare C-5 is the wireless presentation hub that makes your hybrid meetings flow in one click. Anyone, including guests, can share content wirelessly to the central room display in full HD. With just one click in the ClickShare App, from any laptop (PC or Mac) or mobile device. The ClickShare Button offers a Plug&Play solution. No cables and no training needed.

New Barco ClickShare Present Series

Barco extends the Presentation range of ClickShare with the NEW C-5 and C-10

Wireless presentation with ClickShare Present allows for intuitive, easy-to-use presentation and collaboration in a fixed conference room or as a standalone presentation system. It’s the ideal presentation tool for your Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom Room and ensures true team collaboration without BYOD security risks.

EOL Announcement
ClickShare CS-100 , CSE-200, CSE-200+, CSE-800

The following ClickShare models will become end-of-life as of the 31st December 2021.





These ClickShare models will be available until out of stock. Barco will support the necessary firmware updates throughout the product lifetime until the end of software support date.

Barco University Australia

ClickShare Certified Training in Australia

Join Audio Visual Distributors at our head office or in various locations around the country for certified wePresent & ClickShare training programs. These courses are aimed at resellers, integrators and end users who want to learn more about ClickShare and want to get the most out of their investment. Tips & Tricks are shared as well as integration experience with commercial networks and what considerations to take into account when joining ClickShare or wePresent devices to these networks.

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