Pitcher Partners simplify meetings

Pitcher Partners is one of the most respected accountancy firms in Queensland, Australia. Customer meetings are obviously vitally important, as they enable sometimes complex situations to be discussed and solutions developed that can affect the company’s ongoing financial and fiscal situation.

Before adopting ClickShare, meetings at Pitcher Partners often suffered from the well-known symptoms of modern meetings. Before any meaningful exchange could take place, cables had to be connected and participants had to first work out which combination of HDMI, DVI and VGA were needed before being able to get to the heart of the discussion. The remarkable ease and power of ClickShare radically transformed the meeting experience by enabling seamless collaboration.

“Just a minute while I get connected…”

Before the arrival of ClickShare, participant computer connection at Pitcher Partners Brisbane involved a choice of hard-wired connections, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, and more. Before any constructive exchanges could take place, everyone had to work out how to connect their devices and which settings worked best. Then there was the issue of the display.

Working out the Bugs

Another factor to be dealt with were the frequent calls to IT and support in order to solve these issues on the fly when IT usually has more critical issues to deal with. Enter the digital workplace

ClickShare cleverly dispensed with this confusion by enabling almost instant wireless collaboration between every participant. Instead of the previous frustrating set-up, people can suddenly take part in the discussions simply by pressing one button. Their data and presentations are immediately available for comments or sharing. This new level of collaboration opens new possibilities. For Pitcher Partners, ClickShare provides the shortest link between one person’s data and the people that need to see or use it. What’s more, if several buttons are connected, the last one pressed determines the computer that is displayed. So meetings can easily switch between different sources.

Saving time, saving money
In terms of productivity, the gains were considerable. The seamless collaboration opens up a deeper level of exchange with customers, and indeed teamwork. It also opens the door to truly collaborative workspaces. “The transition has been seamless,” according to Technology Officer Kevin Hanna. “People seem to know what to do instinctively. They plug in and it simply works.” What’s more, the IT and support team could give more time to issues that are more critical to the business.

The installation at Pitcher Partners was done by Corporate Initiatives.
Corporate Initiatives (Ci) is an innovative integration firm dedicated to the enhancement of technology user experiences in the built environment. Ci takes the conversation beyond the simple application of audio-visual technology to a given space and focuses on the whole user experience. This ethos applies to workplace technology, commercial property technology, education technology, digital display technology and more.

ClickShare is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Audio Visual Distributors Pty Ltd.

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