ClickShare Button & Desktop App

Plug one of these USB devices into your laptop, and you are ready to share your content using the meeting room’s AV equipment. To ensure that your content is displayed on the right screen, every ClickShare Button is paired with a ClickShare Base Unit. The pairing process is quick and simple, so ClickShare Buttons can be transferred across meeting rooms without a problem. Multiple ClickShare Buttons can be paired with the ClickShare Base Unit, and depending on the Base Unit, one can share with up to eight people on-screen at the same time.

The ClickShare Desktop & Mobile Application

Sharing with Windows and Mac devices

The Desktop App enables you to seamlessly detect and connect to a meeting room in your vicinity to share the content on your screen to the meeting room. Download the app for free from and install it onto your device, even if you don’t have administrator rights! Make sure to have firmware version 1.7 installed on your Base Unit to enable the best experience with the Desktop App.

Sharing with iOS and Android devices

This app enables users to easily share, annotate and save pdf, jpeg images or Microsoft Office Docs to the central meeting room screen in the same way as the traditional ClickShare Button. Download the ClickShare App for free from Apple Store or Google Play, click the virtual Button and you are ready to share your content. Using the latest version of the ClickShare App for Android and a ClickShare Base Unit, you can fully mirror the screen of your smartphone or tablet onto the central meeting room screen. With iOS, you can use Airplay to fully mirror the screen of our iPhone or iPad onto the central meeting room screen.

ClickShare Button Manager

Sharing with Windows and Mac devices

The ClickShare Button Manager is a stand-alone software application to remotely pair your ClickShare Buttons for all your ClickShare Base Units. As such, you don’t need physical access anymore to the ClickShare Base Unit to pair or unpair one or more Buttons to a specific Base Unit. The Button Manager application is designed for facility managers or venue hosts that want to pair a number of buttons to a Base Unit in a particular meeting room without actually requiring physical access to the room.

Example Use Cases

Hotels or conference centers that rent out meetings and want to safeguard the ClickShare Buttons at the reception desk.
Meeting rooms where the equipment is installed in a secure area (like a closed rack)
From your desk, you can pair up to 4 Buttons at once to any of your ClickShare Base Unit that are connected to your network. Additionally, while pairing, the Buttons’ firmware is matched automatically to the respective Base Unit firmware, as such avoiding any compatibility issues.

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