Signage Players & Displays

The Signage Displays by ProDVX are professionally designed Signage Displays and manufactured with HDMI input & Embedded FHD Media Player for commercial continuous (24/7) use. With over 10 years of experience manufacturing Signage Displays ProDVX offers a wide variety of sizes, from 10 inch up to 22 inches. Known for its innovations, ProDVX offers the latest cutting-edge technology to deliver the best customer experience.

Features, Markets & Applications

Specially compiled Android firmware with unique features
High quality and durable PCAP touch
Wide variety of screen sizes, from 7 to 32 inch
Integrated LED status lights
Commercial grade continuous usage (24/7)
Several connectivity options such as LAN, Power over Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and POGO ports for accessories

ProDVX cost-effective Integrated Android Touch Displays are ideal for applications in Retail, Corporate, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare, Government, Education and many more markets.

Kiosks / Interactive Digital Signage / Room Booking / Wayfinding / POS/POP / Queuing / Security / Access Control / Feedback Terminals / Price Checker

Signage Panel Versions

Ultra Wide Signage Panels

The UtraWide Signage Displays by ProDVX are custom designed and manufactured All-In One Displays with Embedded ARM processor (SOC) for commercial continuous (24/7) use. The ultimate solution for your Digital Signage, Menuboard, Queuing, Wayfinding and many more applications.

All In One Android SOC Signage Display
No batteries, powered through power cable
Unique Ultra Wide, Wide Angle LCD Monitor
Cortex A17, 1.6 GHz, Quad Core (RK3288)
RJ45 LAN / WiFi / Bluetooth
Special Mounting Plate (included)
Commercial Grade (24/7 usage)
Android 6

SD Panels

This HD monitor with integrated media player delivers the right message to your potential customer, at the right moment, using the best possible medium. Digital advertising is the future of in store merchandising and the future is here! This ProDVX Monitor is compact, simple and easy to use. This complete system gets your message to the customer with style, creating a long lasting impression.

15″ HD LCD Monitor
Integrated Media Player
Auto Start & Repeat
Easy updateable by USB/OTG
Supports a large number of video formats
Optional Touch
VESA Mountable
Commercial grade build suitable for 24/7 usage.

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