ZeeVee AV over RF

Created for global customers, ZeeVee’s AV over RF solutions are designed for the world’s most deployed RF modulation standards, QAM and DVB-T/C. For integrators and AV managers with the option to use coaxial cable for AV distribution, ZeeVee’s AV over RF products are the most affordable, reliable and widely-used solution for high-quality distribution of multiple HD and SD sources to almost any number of locations. ZeeVee’s deep expertise in digital encoding, including pro AV compression standards, ensures superior quality of transmitted content as well as RF signal compatibility with displays, set-top boxes, and similar devices.

Product Options

HDBridge 2000 Series

Flexible Encoding and RF Modulation

Distribute television programming, digital signage, and user-generated content efficiently and cost-effectively using ZeeVee’s HDBridge 2000 RF modulation products. ZeeVee’s full line of RF distribution products provides the flexibility needed to deliver content at different resolutions, interface types, and channel counts.

Distribute multiple channels of video up to 1080p resolution to an unlimited number of displays over almost any distance. The HDbridge 2000 series converts composite, component, VGA, unencrypted HDMI, and even HD-SDI sources into a signal that received by a television’s digital tuner (or enable displays without tuners the ZVSync). With an HDbridge 2000 RF modulator, you can send your content to an unlimited number of displays, and combine multiple units to enable over 100 different sources via a single coax cable. This solution is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable way to support a large number of displays with dynamic content such as sports bars, schools, houses of worship, or extending digital signage.

ZVPro Series

Flexible and Cost Effective RF Modulation

Cost-effectively distribute television, digital signage, and user-generated content using ZeeVee’s ZvPro Series RF modulation products. Encode and modulate up to two component, VGA, analog/digital audio sources, as well as unencrypted HDMI video into a single RF output up to 1080p video resolution.

HDBridge 3000 Series

RF Modulation and IP Encoding in one Chassis

Ideal for organizations looking for an easy and affordable way to create a digital head-end for distributing large numbers of AV sources to an unlimited amount of displays, the HDbridge3000 provides a reliable way to deliver multiple channels of video simultaneously within a compact 3RU footprint. Whether you are distributing SD or HD content, over RF or IP, the ZeeVee HDbridge3000 provides the flexibility needed. The HDbridge3000 is modular with hot-swappable cards, allowing you to mix and match cards with different interfaces and resolution as needed. Populate the chassis with up to 72 channels of SD over RF, 24 channels of HD over RF (with the optional IP streams) or 48 channels of H.264 IP streams. Combine multiple HDbridge3000 units to increase the number of channels.

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