Arthur Holm
Motorised, retractable, foldable monitors and cutting-edge solutions for enhancing communication in meeting and conference rooms based on the latest technology with Danish design and 25 years of professional AV craftsmanship. Arthur Holm offers a wide range of ingenious, unique crafted products whose designs combine quality materials with the latest, cutting-edge technology. Arthur Holm has a presence in more than 45 countries! Our products have been installed in some of the most prestigious venues around the world.

Development & Innovation

Arthur Holm offers an inspiring product range where tomorrow’s technology is shaped into valued materials with design flexibility and customisation, specially created to enhance communication, decision making and collaboration in reception, conference and meeting areas.

Arthur Holm products display the best images in unique designs with unmatched quality and functionalities, built on more than 40 years of craftsmanship, and based on continuous product investigation, development and innovation. In fact, the numbers speak for themselves! We currently own 27 product patents, have a presence in over 45 countries worldwide, with products and solutions in more than 20,000 installations.

Origin & Tradition

Arthur Holm is the result of the combination of the Scandinavian design tradition with the Mediterranean creativity, passion and flexibility. The brand has its origins in the Danish furniture designer Jorgen Alex Jensen, who was active in the sixties and seventies. His inspiration in design and ergonomics has been continued by his family, who is the design force behind the ARTHUR HOLM’s product range.


Our passion is to create ingenious products whose designs are based on quality materials and cutting-edge technology that endow meeting and conference rooms with silent, ergonomic, flexible, innovative and aesthetic solutions which integrate within the furniture, hang from the walls or are used as interactive points of information.

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