wePresent Wireless Collaboration
Barco now offers and supports wePresent wireless presentation products in its product line. This reflects the Barco strategy to offer customers a wide range of complementary solutions to address their collaboration needs in meeting rooms and classrooms, ranging from small huddle spaces to boardrooms and auditoriums. Whether you are focused on ease of use or AV integration, going for a networked solution tailored to your workflow, or choosing for the most innovative features, Barco is able to answer your needs.

Present from any Device

wePresent offers professional wireless presentation systems that allow up to 64 users to share content from any device to Present, Interact and Collaborate.

Windows. Macbooks. iOS. Android. Chromebook. Chromecast. Connect it all for presentation sharing. With wePresent's smart technology, BYOD meets wireless projection.

wePresent in Action

Classroom, Corporate and Government environments around the globe have harnessed the power of interactive and collaborative in-room meetings with our wireless presentation gateway systems.




Revolutionise your Meeting Experience

wePresent connects to any display by HDMI or VGA and creates a wireless full 1080p resolution. wePresent can be easily integrated into any network environment, ensuring fast and reliable presentation mirroring at up to 30 frames per second. With a built-in wireless access point, wePresent can provide an additional WiFi signal for guests and meeting participants.

Out of the box, plug and play wirelessly presentation from any device

Connecting the Dots... On any Network

Bring ideas to life with a low investment solution

Simple, fully-configurable, app-based interface for BYOD environments

Flexible connection methods to meet the needs of your environment

Designed for anywhere people collaborate: business, government & schools

wePresent Try & Buy Program

Barco is offering customers to 'borrow' a wePresent unit for a period of time, to evaluate it before purchase. If you love it, keep it and we'll invoice you. If you don't send it back in the condition we sent it to you and we'll part ways.


  • wePresent WiPG-1000P

    Our basic 1080p wireless presentation system offering wireless screen sharing from any device. The improved WiPG-1000P is perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, and small huddle spaces with improved features such as 2.4GHz/5GHz selective WiFi. Connect the WiPG-1000P to your display by HDMI or VGA. There’s also an onboard 3.5mm audio jack for sending the audio to a separate sound system. wePresent offers professional wireless presentation systems that allow up to 64 users to share content from any device to Present, Interact and Collaborate.

  • wePresent WiPG-1600W

    Compared to its predecessor, the new version of WiPG-1600W boasts greater networking flexibility by providing various network access solutions: wired LAN, wireless LAN, wired LAN + wireless LAN. Users can switch among different networking solutions to meet different needs under different conditions. The WiPG-1600W has been enhanced with interactive features that make it the ideal solution for conference rooms, classrooms, and corporate boardrooms. wePresent offers professional wireless presentation systems that allow up to 64 users to share content from any device to Present, Interact and Collaborate.

  • wePresent WiCS-2100

    The WiCS-2100 taps into the power of group dynamics with fun and stylish collaboration tools such as visual user lists for moderators and auto layout for sharing content from multiple devices. The WiCS-2100 provides businesses and educators with new features specifically designed for more effective collaboration with our wireless presentation gateway. Our new Wireless Interactive Collaboration System is designed for corporate and classroom applications. WiCS-2100 offers full integration with Chromecast and AirPlay, dynamic screen layout, eco standby mode and on-screen user preview of connected device content for better moderator control.

  • wePresent SharePod

    Need an easier way to wirelessly share additional content? We’ve got you connected. Pair the SharePod with a compatible wePresent gateway to enable seamless collaboration from any HDMI source in meetings and classrooms. Use an HDMI converter cable and your possibilities are almost endless. The SharePod is a unique pairing solution to wirelessly connect any HDMI source into a wePresent environment. Pair the SharePod with a WiPG or WiCS device, enabling seamless collaboration in meetings and classrooms.

  • Collaboration Management Suite (CMGS)

    Collaboration Management Suite (CMGS) is necessary for large projects. From one location, system administrators can manage the complete fleet of ClickShare & wePresent units throughout the company, in any location. This is especially useful in large corporations with many ClickShare & wePresent Base Units installed across different sites. What’s more, because Collaboration Management Suite is a web-based tool, the system administrator can use it anywhere. A new look and feel ensure a more intuitive experience, with enhanced stability and security of the application.

  • XMS-110 Experience Management Server

    Barco XMS helps you save time, to help you focus on things that really matter as an IT-manager. The set-up of this preinstalled management server is a breeze. You just unbox the server, connect it to your network and start configuration. Get the central management solution up and running in no time. Barco XMS-110 is an enterprise-grade appliance that hosts both on-premise and remote ClickShare and wePresent fleet management, with two fundamental building blocks:

wePresent Training in Australia

Barco Certified Technical Expert - wePresent

This certification training on wePresent explains the product to installation technicians, management and teaches configuration on a deeper level through hands-on exercise.

Course description: NOTE: AVIXA RU points to be earned : 3

Wi-Fi management exercise
Hands-on use case exercises 4 deployment models network integration. (config Routers/switches, network integration)
Installation/configuration CMGS
Security exercise
Troubleshooting... (Reading log files)
Basic Understanding of Networking
IP, subnet, DHCP, V-LAN, Proxy server, Firewall, Wi-Fi, Security Modes

Bring your own laptop. At the end of the class, you will be able to install, configure and manage wePresent.

1 day

Free of charge

Spoken language

Barco Certified Technical Expert