HDBridge Series RF Modulators
Created for global customers, ZeeVee’s AV over RF solutions are designed for the world’s most deployed RF modulation standards, QAM and DVB-T/C. For integrators and AV managers with the option to use coaxial cable for AV distribution, ZeeVee’s AV over RF products are the most affordable, reliable and widely-used solution for high-quality distribution of multiple HD and SD sources to almost any number of locations. ZeeVee’s deep expertise in digital encoding, including pro AV compression standards, ensures superior quality of transmitted content as well as RF signal compatibility with displays,

Easy RF Distribution

The easiest way to distribute multiple sources or channels of video up to 1080p resolution to an unlimited number of displays over almost any distance. The HDbridge series converts composite, component, VGA, unencrypted HDMI, and even HD-SDI sources into a signal that is sent to your display's digital tuner as well as an IP network. With an HDbridge, you can send your content to an unlimited number of displays and combine multiple units to enable over 100 different sources via a single coax cable. This solution is ideal for anyone looking for an easy and affordable way to support many displays with dynamic content such as a sports bar, house of worship, or using digital signage.

Up to 1080P Resolution - The HDbridge2800 series can distribute video in nearly any resolution from an unencrypted HDMI source up to 1920x1080.

Unlimited Displays - Using the HDbridge, there is no limit to the number of displays that you can use. The HDbridge converts your unencrypted HDMI video sources into private television channels that can send content from 2 to 2000+ displays connected through coax over nearly any distance. You can combine HDbridge units to support over 100 different channels on your network.

LCD Colour Front Panel Control - The HDbridge 2000 series has an easy to read LCD colour front panel that makes it easy to setup and monitor your channels, check firmware, and identify IP addresses without a computer. The panel will show green, yellow, or red colour bars on each channel to show the status of video and audio content being shown, as well enable easy adjustment of RF power and audio delay to ensure a perfect picture and sound on every screen.

Emergency Alert System - Add an extra layer of safety to your facility by using the built-in Emergency Alert System. The ZeeVee Emergency Alert System (EAS) can tie systems into national or local alert systems. ZeeVee processes alert sent with either EAS-NET or MPEG streaming. When an alert is active, all current audio and video will be interrupted and replaced with the alert.

Create your own custom channel with ZvShow - The HDbridge 2000 provides an extra channel to enable you to offer customized content on your displays in addition to your video source. This is in addition to the channels that are already included in each model. ZvShow will play a video file (MP4, WMV, MOV) on a separate channel to enable you to use your displays to play commercials, display menus, or as digital signage. Simply change the channel on the display to select what content you want to see on your display.

Add a Digital Tuner to your display with ZvSync - Have a projector or other display that doesn't have a QAM or digital tuner? No problem. The ZvSync (sold separately) enables you to connect any display or projector to the HDbridge encoder coax connection and receive crystal clear video up to1080p resolution just as if your display was built with a digital coax tuner. Perfect for sports bars and house of worship applications that use projectors and televisions in the same space.

Combine Multiple Units for More Channels - Combine multiple HDbridge units to create a video network head end up to 144 sources /channels over a single coax cable

Setting up your channels is a snap with Maestro - The ZeeVee Maestro software makes it simple to set up and manage your content and channels from anywhere on your network. Simply open your web browser and connect to the IP address on any ZvPro or HDBridge encoder and you can assign channel numbers, label your custom channels, and troubleshoot problems right from your desk or anywhere you have network access.

5 Year Warranty - ZeeVee provides a 5-year warranty on all HDbridge and ZvPro products.

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HDBridge 2000 Series

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