Case Study – AOTO Product launch

Case Study – AOTO Product launch

Based on the world-leading core technologies and the precise study of client’s requirements, AOTO makes professional solutions for Advertising, Sports, Events and Staging, Architecture, TV Broadcasting, Command & Control Rooms. AOTO products and solutions have been accepted by some of the world’s most prestigious advertising companies, top world sporting events and major installation companies in the entertainment business. The AOTO brand has always been an icon of high-end LED displays.

AOTO in Australia

Manufacturing excellence

Our in-depth knowledge and technical know-how has allowed us to stay as one of the major suppliers of large area displays in the world for so many years. Our progressive and technological savvy team has been pioneers in the display industry for years bringing the latest cutting-edge technology to the market. AOTO’s products are the ideal solution for your large area display across so many applications.

The key to our success is our PEOPLE! Our highly-trained techno-specialists on our Research& Development Team ensure that our products are supplied to cater to the specific market’s needs and offer great value to our customers.

Products can be rapidly and accurately modified to include our client’s requirements and formed into an IPD (Integrated Product Development) innovation system.

Mini LED HDR capabilities

Supporting HDR10 allows AOTO Mini LED technology to reproduce every excellent detail of the high resolution graphics placed on screen. This allows darks to be darker and brightness to be managed to make sure your video stands out.

24-bit processing

24bit processing is standard across the range. This will smooth the edges of your video with less banding than conventional LED boards. This is specifically important with LEd as the pixel pitch may enhance the viewability of banding. With MiniLED, the pixels are so close together that this becomes less noticeable from close distances and suitable for indoor use for close up viewing experiences.

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