Control systems can be daunting…far too often touchscreens are overly complicated and unwieldy, ultimately confusing the users who rely on them. And their fragile nature leads to repeat service calls, heaping additional expense on an already expensive system.


Wallplate Controller

Control systems can be daunting…far too often touchscreens are overly complicated and unwieldy, ultimately confusing the users who rely on them. And their fragile nature leads to repeat service calls, heaping additional expense on an already expensive system.

Enter the TechLogix TL-WPCT-01BK wallplate controller. This intuitive remote pairs a powerful and flexible engine with a durable, easy-to-use design that’s ideal for education, hospitality and corporate environments, as well as any other application that requires strength and simplicity in the control interface.

The TL-WPCT-01BK is easily installed and programmed, making it an ideal controller for any device that accepts RS232, IR, or relay remote control commands. Plus, included button overlays for popular devices allow for quick customization, ensuring all users know exactly what they are controlling.

When you install a TL-WPCT-01BK, you install stability, durability and a controller that users are sure to find welcoming to use.

Single gang wallplate
Mounts to a standard US-sized single gang box or mounting bracket
May be wall or table-top mounted
Eight backlit buttons with adjustable lighting settings
Customizable buttons with built-in underlays
Progammable via RS232, mini USB, or web-based software
Outputs control commands in RS232, RS485, IR and relay
Control ports include: three RS232 ports, one RS485 port, three IR ports, and two relay ports
Built-in IR learning
Multiple controller looping for up to 99 units
Firmware upgradeable via built-in mini USB port
Anti-static chassis design


In-line HDMI Controller & De-embedder

You just purchased your $2,000 display and installed it in your boardroom—awesome. You ran your cabling and connected it to your boardroom table connection point—groovy. You sit down and connect your laptop—everything is perfect. Everything except the control…shoot.

Countless classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms and collaboration spaces spend thousands of dollars on connectivity hardware only to realize they still need a basic remote control for the display. Worse yet, remote controls often get lost or run out of batteries at the most inopportune times.

The TL-INCT-01 eliminates the need for remote controls—simply place it in-line between the source and display. It senses activity on the HDMI stream and outputs control signals to connected devices. For example, connecting a tablet or laptop will automatically turn on the display. The TL-INCT-01 even has the smarts to turn on a projector and drop a screen.

Don’t hunt for remote controls…automate with the TL-INCT-01.

(1) HDMI input
(1) HDMI output
Senses HDMI activity & automatically outputs control signals to connected devices
Digital and analog audio de-embedding
Built-in CEC controller for display control
Built-in RS232 learning for display control
Built-in relay outputs for display control
15 built-in EDID presets
4K@60 compliant
HDCP 2.2 compliant
Built-in cable equalization & signal regeneration
Built-in ESD and surge protection


Share-Me™ Four Button Controller

The TL-SMG-4C is a table-mounted controller that is compatible with TechLogix Share-Me™ switchers (TL-SM3C-HD and TL-SM3C-HDV). It adds volume, mute, and display control to a Share-Me™ system.

Simply install the TL-SMG-4C into your conference table, then connect it to the Share-Me™ switcher using the included cable. The buttons will automatically control the display to which you are connected… no programming or configuration needed!

Compatible switchers use CEC protocol (by default), which is standard on most consumer-grade flat panel displays. Other displays like commercial LCD’s or projectors can be controlled by IR or RS232, which is easily configured from the Share-Me™ switcher’s web page.

Alternatively, the TL-SMG-4CP (with power supply) can be used as a standalone controller that can be connected directly to your display, giving you all the controls you need without expensive touchpanels or programming.

Furniture-grade aluminum with black finish.
Install in surfaces up to 38mm (1.5”) thick in minutes.
Compatible with table hole diameters from 57mm – 70mm (2.25” – 2.75”).
Compatible with TL-SM3C-HD/HDV switchers.


12 port rack-mount power hub

Audio-visual equipment typically ships with one of two different external power supply types: either a “line lump” or a “wall wart”. Both conjure negative mental imagery, and the reality isn’t much different—AV racks are often filled with ugly power supplies squeezed together in bumpy clusters generating heat and gobbling up precious space.

Line lumps and wall warts are the bane of integrators tasked with wiring a clean rack.

Enter the TechLogix TL-RKPS-01. This compact hub replaces up to twelve 5V, 12V and/or 24V power supplies with a single, easily mounted rack chassis. Each channel is selectable, thereby accommodating various makes and models of equipment—everything from extenders to splitters to switchers. Plus, remote control allows individual channels to be cycled from any remote location, and 100ms startup sequencing ensures smooth power reboots.

The TL-RKPS-01 is the ultimate tool for clean integrations and hassle-free maintenance.

Provides power to 12 DC-powered devices
Each output channel is selectable between 5, 12 & 24VDC
Redundant power supplies ensure uninterrupted operation
Input channels rated for 100~240VAC
Maximum output power consumption of 15W per channel
100ms sequencing per channel on startup
Remote channel on/off control via RS232, Ethernet or built-in webserver
Front panel control & keylock
Standard 1RU size
Includes mounting hardware
Firmware upgradeable

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