Impulse Live Streamer

Impulse Live Streamer

The Impulse has many applications and is only limited to your imagination. It’s currently being used in Churches stream their service to members that are not able to get to the church. Used by restaurants and bars to make announcements and run live events through their social media accounts. As well as gamers streaming their gameplay on Youtube or Twitch. This product can be utilized by any church, restaurant, bar or original content creator. Don’t sacrifice an entire computer just to stream, use a tool that was built for it with AVPro Edge’s Impulse, Stream Smarter.

Stream Live to Anywhere in the World

This powerful box allows you to stream live (or recorded) content to any major streaming website or local channel.

Easy to Set Up
Connects to all major streaming services (YouTube, Facebook, U stream, The Church Online and more)
Handles video signals up to 1080p
Configure your stream from any Browser
Works with any camera that has HDMI or SDI output

This compact single-channel streamer/recorder which can take a video signal and stream it on any service such as YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, Church Streaming and more. Not only are you able to stream a video signal, but it gives you the ability to record directly to a ssd card at the same time. Impulse comes with an HDMI input and a SDI input, allowing you to use a wide verity of camera’s or sources. With AVPro Edge’s Impulse you can stream beautiful 1080p signals to anywhere in the world.

How it works:

Connect a camera(or any source) to the impulse
Connect to the IP control system via any browser
Select your streaming method (Your own website, Facebook, Youtube)
Share the link with your audience and they can now watch you from anywhere in the world

Technical Specifications

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