Overture revolutionises the meeting room

25 meeting rooms, 150 devices and 50 users with different roles and permissions… How can a large company manage its meeting room requirements across the board without paying for a heavy, customized solution? VIDELIO Digital & Media, a French leader in the design, implementation and support of video systems, is known for its expertise in all things digital media. In Overture, the international firm found an ideal, cost-effective yet intuitive way to streamline the internal management of the many meeting rooms at its Gennevilliers headquarters.

Not only are costs kept to a minimum and automation maximized, but the remote helpdesk feature also provides VIDELIO with immediate information about the use of its spaces, as well as alarms and notifications. The biggest gain? Huge amounts of time saved! As a large firm with many offices, VIDELIO’s needs differed depending on the location. “For example, some of our meeting rooms already contained hardware from different vendors, while others contained no devices whatsoever. More, different users have different roles and permissions. Any AV control solution we chose had to be adaptable,” explains Olivier Chaminade, Technical Director. Having partnered up with Barco on impressive integration projects in the past, VIDELIO was already aware of Overture’s ability to monitor, manage and control AV technology.

Managing 25 meeting rooms and 150 devices

“We had installed Overture at Cité du Vin in Bordeaux – one of our recent flagship projects,” says Pascal Zératès, CEO. “We quickly realized that it ticked every box for our company too. User experience is very important to us. Overture’s UX focuses on blending functionality with dynamic visual design elements. The flexibility to scale the solution up or down depending on our needs – without huge IT costs – also motivated our decision.”

During the initial project, Overture was installed in 25 meeting rooms at VIDELIO’s headquarters in Gennevilliers, France. Bring-your-own-device functionality was implemented, and existing in-room tablets were configured in Overture to enable full control of all room devices. “Each meeting room contained between 4 and 10 devices, for a total of around 150 devices. That includes displays, projectors and ClickShare devices,” Olivier says.

Unprecedented insights
Overture’s remote helpdesk gives the team real-time information about how rooms were being used and any alarms that were occurring, even if the team is offsite. The scheduling feature was used to cut costs by putting rooms on standby at night, and specific “modes” were set up in Overture and applied to meeting rooms depending on their current function: conference, presentation, collaboration and cinema. “Using the templating function included with Overture’s latest release, we quickly duplicated setups in similar meeting spaces,” Olivier asserts. “After a successful implementation, we have unprecedented insights into our meeting room environment. In terms of device alarms, we can visually see the location of the device associated with the alarm and then rapidly resolve the issue, track connected displays, and even monitor the temperature of our equipment.” VIDELIO is now planning the deployment of Overture at two more locations in Nanterre and Marseille that each contains several meeting rooms.

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