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12 port rack-mount power hub

Audio-visual equipment typically ships with one of two different external power supply types: either a “line lump” or a “wall wart”. Both conjure negative mental imagery, and the reality isn’t much different—AV racks are often filled with ugly power supplies squeezed together in bumpy clusters generating heat and gobbling up precious space.

Line lumps and wall warts are the bane of integrators tasked with wiring a clean rack.

Enter the TechLogix TL-RKPS-01. This compact hub replaces up to twelve 5V, 12V and/or 24V power supplies with a single, easily mounted rack chassis. Each channel is selectable, thereby accommodating various makes and models of equipment—everything from extenders to splitters to switchers. Plus, remote control allows individual channels to be cycled from any remote location, and 100ms startup sequencing ensures smooth power reboots.

The TL-RKPS-01 is the ultimate tool for clean integrations and hassle-free maintenance.

Technical Features:
Provides power to 12 DC-powered devices
Each output channel is selectable between 5, 12 & 24VDC
Redundant power supplies ensure uninterrupted operation
Input channels rated for 100~240VAC
Maximum output power consumption of 15W per channel
100ms sequencing per channel on startup
Remote channel on/off control via RS232, Ethernet or built-in webserver
Front panel control & keylock
Standard 1RU size
Includes mounting hardware
Firmware upgradeable

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